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Hannah Simone — Zooey's Hot BFF

Hannah Simone
""When you’re in my life and I love you, I’m a pushover.""
Full name: Hannah Simone
DOB: August 3, 1980
Place of birth: London, England
Occupation: Model, actress and TV presenter

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #60

Hannah Simone facts

  • Hannah is a TV presenter, actress, model and, according to her Twitter profile, “Connect 4 champion”.

  • She plays super-hot Cece Myers on New Girl.

  • She is ridiculously multicultural, having ties to a good ten or so countries.

Why we love Hannah Simone

If you’re anything like us, you were first driven to tune into Channel 4’s hit US-imported sitcom New Girl because of a long-running crush on Zooey ‘Adorkable’ Deschanel, but soon found yourself distracted by the appearance of Zooey's BFF on the show – spectacularly curvaceous model Cece, as played by Hannah Simone. “Who is this beautiful woman?” you/we asked yourself/ourselves, “and where the bejesus did she come from?”

That’s actually kind of complicated, as Hannah boasts an impressively broad cocktail of ancestry: born in London to an Indian father and a half German-Italian, half Greek-Cypriot mother, she spent her childhood moving between Canada, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, and New Delhi. She's been to more schools than most school inspectors, but she still managed to do well enough to get into two different Universities and earn degrees in both International Relations and Radio and Television Arts.

After breaking into showbiz on MuchMusic – Canada’s answer to MTV – Simone was scouted out for a regular guest slot on New Girl, at which point we all fell face-over-legs in love with her. Sorry, Zooey. We still love you too.

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