It feels like its been a while since Hayden Panettiere graced either the silver or small screen. Too long, in fact. Then again, even just a couple of hours without a dose of the Heroes cutie seems a bit too long for us.

Certainly that’s the case, anyway, if we’re not including our rewinding and repeated viewing of her lesbian kiss in superhero telebox drama Heroes. Thinking about it, can we use this moment just to let you know that it was purely coincidental when that particular DVD ended up breaking. It didn't melt through overuse or anything. Honest. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, yeah?!

Hayden Panettiere in a red dress on the red carpet for the Scream 4 premiere
"Why did nobody tell me that the dress code was black and white only?!"

Anyway, put those lesbian mental images to one side for a second, and stay with us. It looks like she’s probably cottoned on to the fact that the world is ever-so-slightly less awesome without her being around - so now she's getting her ludicrously hot self back out there by popping up in films, such as horror reboot-of-sorts Scream 4.

Hayden isn’t without competition for the Sexiest Girl In A Horror Film Franchise Reboot (that’s an amazing award idea, actually - we should write that down… oh). The film also boasts a still surprisingly hot Neve Campbell and a MILFtastic Courtney Cox.

Hayden Panettiere in a red dress on the red carpet for the Scream 4 premiere
Hayden wasn't sure if food was included at the premiere, so she brought her packed lunch just in case

Even with those two milling about being sexy all over the shop, these pictures of Hayden on Scream 4's red carpet premiere prove that she's definitely the hottest. And we're not even going to mention how clever she is by matching her dress to the colour of the carpet - mainly because our knowledge on women's fashion is next to nil.

By looking at her cover girl facts, you’ll see that her surname means ‘baker’ in Italian. Aren’t you proud of us, then, that we’ve used our loaf and completely managed to resist the rubbish gags like “she can make us ‘rise’ any day,” or any other bread-related puns?

Wait a minute. Did you actually read anything after we mentioned the lesbian kiss? Probably not. Fine - just watch her go lips-to-lips with a female of the species below and be done with it already.