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Helen Flanagan — Corrie crush

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Helen Flanagan
"I'm really proud of my boobs, and I'm grateful that I've got a voluptuous chest. It has a lot of power!"
Full name: Helen Joyce Flanagan
DOB: 7 August 1990
Place of birth: Bury, Greater Manchester, England
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #3 | 2012 #47 | 2010 #86

Helen Flanagan facts

  • Helen's most famous for playing wannabe glamour-model Rosie Webster on Corrie.

  • She left Corrie in 2012, having played Rosie for 12 years since she was just 10 years old.

  • She’s been linked to footballers Micah Richards and Scott Sinclair.

Why we love Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan shot to fame playing Rosie Webster in Coronation Street, a character who went from cheeky wee poppet to mopey teenage goth to racy wannabe-WAG seemingly in the blink of an eye. Except it didn’t really happen in the blink of an eye; Rosie’s butterfly-to-caterpillar-to-sexy-butterfly transformation actually took 12 long years to unfold, so it was perfectly understandable that Helen decided she wanted to take a break from playing the character in 2012. If we’d been pretending to be someone else every day for 12 years straight, we’d probably have some kind of melty-brained breakdown.

Flanagan’s first post-Corrie outing was an appearance on I’m A Celebrity; EastEnders’ Charlie Brooks wound up winning that particular series, but did she simultaneously get her very own FHM cover? No, she did not, and Helen did. So, by our calculations, Helen wins. Them’s the rules!

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