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Helen Skelton — Miss Adventure

Helen Skelton
""I've only washed once in the last 30 days, but to be finally standing at the South Pole feels incredible.""
Full name: Helen Skelton
DOB: July 19, 1983
Place of birth: Kirby Thore, Cumbria, England
Occupation: TV presenter

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2012 #96

Helen Skelton facts

  • Blue Peter presenter Helen broke a Guinness World Record in 2012, becoming the fastest ever person to travel 100km by kite ski.

  • Become only the second-ever woman to complete the 78-mile Namibian Ultra Marathon in 2009, which she finished in under 24 hours.

  • In 2011, she walked a tightrope suspended between two chimneys at Battersea Power Station for 150 metres, raising money for Comic Relief.

Why we love Helen Skelton

Helen Skelton has done things we can only dream of. No, not presenting Newsround (although we would kill – literally murder – for the chance to present Newsround) - we’re talking about the fact that she’s taken on more hardcore athletic/explorey/adventurish challenges than Indiana Jones, Lara Croft and Tintin put together. The blonde beauty has taken on Antarctica, the Amazon and the Namibian desert, and won ever single time – and she has the Guinness world records to show for it. We're pretty much in awe, if we're honest.

Plus: she’s never looked less than drop-dead gorgeous whilst stomping these challenges into the ground. Granted, that time she trekked to the South Pole and didn’t wash for 30 days, she probably didn’t smell too clever – but by jingo, she still looked fit. In both senses of the word.

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