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Helena Coelho — Private Helena

Helena Coelho
"I don’t tolerate anything that can invade my privacy. I like to control my privacy and my life."
Full name: Helena Coelho
DOB: July 16, 1981
Place of birth: Setubal, Portugal
Occupation: Model

Helena Coelho facts

  • Helena was born in Setubal, in Portugal. As was Jose Mourinho.

  • She has worked for Victoria's Secret. But then you'd probably already looked at her and thought "She'd look good as a Victoria's Secret Angel."

  • She’s involved with So Visto, a Portuguese TV programme. And was a reporter for a Portuguese biking competition. We’re guessing she got people to talk.

  • She thinks Angelina Jolie is fit. What a shocker.

Why we love Helena Coelho


This is not a very original question, but we really would like to know your hobbies.
I like to read, listen to music, going to the cinema, dancing and go for a walk in the beach, with the sun going down in the sea.

A bird told us that you love to dance in your living room… like Demi Moore in Striptease. Is that true?
I dance all around the house, with or without mirror in front of me. It’s not my fault that Demi copied me!

What do you do to keep in that fantastic shape?
Nothing, I’ m very lazy to go to the gym!

Well, several women don’t go to the gym and definitely don’t have your body. You must do something, tell us the truth!
I have a healthy diet and I drink a lot of water.

What part of your body do you enjoy the most?
I like everything.

What was the funny compliment that you ever heard?
A lot of men told me I was the first doll they know that could walk.

When you like to feel sensual, what do you put on?
I would dress with my skin only.

For you, lingerie is just another garment or you give a lot of importance?
I choose the lingerie with some caution…

The ideal man for you must be…
He must be kind, have good principles and values. Must be clever and have a good humour.

Are you free as a bird?
Free… but unavailable!

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