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Hetti Bywater — Made By Ian Beale

Hetti Bywater
"“Lucy Beale’s a bit of a bitch – a lot of the time I don’t want to say her lines!”"
Full name: Harriet Jessica P Bywater
DOB: September 10, 1994
Place of birth: Eastbourne, East Sussex, England
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #44

Hetti Bywater facts

  • Hetti’s best known for playing Lucy Beale – daughter of Ian – on Eastenders.

  • Hetti’s also been in Casualty, but then so has roughly one-third of the population of Britain.

  • We don’t know what the P in “Harriet Jessica P Bywater” stands for. Could it be Penguin? Poppadom? Pingpong? We may never know.

Why we love Hetti Bywater

Hetti is by no means the first Lucy Beale to live on Albert Square – the role has previously been filled by no less than four other actresses – but she is most definitely our favourite Lucy Beale thus far. Not only has she made one of Eastenders’ meanest, scheming-est characters even darker and scowlier, she’s also brought some much-needed sexiness to the square. As much as we enjoy watching grey-faced cockneys having miserable rows about dead babies, you can’t beat an evil blonde teenage minx in a micro-skirt to brighten your Tuesday night up. All hail Eastenders’ hot new queen of chaos and heartbreak!

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