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Holly Madison — Prime Playmate

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Holly Madison
"I know Hef doesn't like it when I walk around naked in the house, 'cause he's a little more old-fashioned, sometimes, than people think. But you tend to forget you're naked when you've been shooting naked all day."
Full name: Holly Madison Cullen
DOB: December 23, 1979
Place of birth: Astoria, Oregon, USA
Occupation: Model, Television personality

Holly Madison facts

  • Holly used to have a red Playboy bunny tattoo, but had it removed after leaving the mansion.

  • Her boobs were size A before surgery, but now they're a whopping D.

  • In 2002 she became Hef's number one girl. Lucky her.

  • Since leaving the Playboy mansion she's secured a topless role in Peepshow at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Why we love Holly Madison

Holly Madison was spotted by Hugh Hefner when she worked in Hooters. After being invited to move into the Playboy mansion, she soon became Hugh's number one girl, and moved into his bedroom.

She pioneered the Playboy show The Girl Next Door, which involved her and other beauties bouncing about doing what Playboy Bunnies do. It was a hit, obviously, but it ended her relationship with Hefner and left her to do her own thing. Luckily, her 'own thing' was breaking the Guinness World Record for holding the largest bikini parade ever. No tears, then. Just a new beginning.

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