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India Reynolds — Far-out

India Reynolds
"I have a thing for low voices..."
Full name: India Reynolds
Place of birth: East Reading
Occupation: Model

India Reynolds facts

  • India likes X Factor but isn't interested in Xtra Factor. I don't think anyone is, love.

  • She hates it if you go for seconds at dinner time by jabbing your fork in the serving bowl.

  • Instead, take the serving bowl and serve the food onto your plate.

  • At school people nicknamed her 'France' and 'Germany'. Poor girl.

Why we love India Reynolds

Let’s play word association. If we say China, you might say ‘Great Wall’. Bacon – eggs. Yea? FHM – awesome. Obviously. But if we were to say ‘India Reynolds’, would you immediately say ‘East Reading girl who is naked a lot’? You wouldn’t, or if you did, you are the expert of word-association.

Even though she’s just 19, India Reynolds has already bared all for Playboy magazine, and appeared in Glamour, Nuts and Front magazine. She recently said in an interview that her absolute girl crush is Kara Tointin. Good choice, good choice.

She also confessed to having a bit of a thing for Rihanna, and loves having her music on in the bedroom when things get a bit steamy. Kara, Rihanna, India… this sounds too good to be true!

While she may not be as instantly recognisable as celebrities such as Carol Vorderman or Mr Blobby, India has admitted she does get sort-of recognised in public, including an incident when an old man recognised her at a hairdressers.

So, does India take your fancy? She likes tall guys, so get your All Saints boots on – you know, those ones that make you a little bit taller. Also, she likes a funnyman, so why not try a joke?

Okay, so I saw this bloke chatting up a cheetah. I thought to myself, “He’s trying to pull a fast one.”

No? Okay, I met a Dutch girl last week with inflatable shoes. I phoned her up for a date, but unfortunately she’d popped her clogs.

Hello? India?

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