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Inna — Amazing, literally


Inna facts

  • Born in October 1986, Mangalia, Romania.

  • Not only is Inna sexy but she also graduated from Romania’s Economical Highschool and Political Studies College.

Why we love Inna

Romania is famous for a number of things: seminal writers Mihai Eminescu and Ioan Slavici, Vlad the Impaler, castles and people with appalling fashion sense. Safe to say, music probably isn’t one of those things. That is, until now. Enter Romanian pop sensation Inna, who, conveniently, is jaw-droppingly sexy. And can sing. Woo.

Basically, Inna is a 23-year-old, attractive, female, Romanian singer whose real name is Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu and is unafraid to inject her interest in sex and love into her music. Yes Inna! Example: the video for her latest song Amazing whereby the lovely Romanian spends her time prancing around on a Portuguese beach in a lovely swimsuit looking all sexy and that. There are also outdoor shower scenes and a bit of surfing too. Score.

Amazing, went to number one in Romania, number two in France, number three in Poland and Spain and number 14 in New Zealand. On top of that Inna won four of the 16 awards on offer at the Romanian Music Awards in 2009 while more recently she won Best Romanian Act at the MTV European Music Awards in Berlin. No to disappoint she turned up sporting some incredibly tight trousers and a transparent top.

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