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Isabel Lucas — Home and Away

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Isabel Lucas
"I keep asking myself: ‘Why am I so special?’ I don't understand why I'm so blessed to be in this position"
Full name: Isabel Lucas
DOB: January 29, 1985
Place of birth: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Occupation: Actress

Isabel Lucas facts

  • Lucas can speak French, German and English.

  • You may also have noticed her pop up in Band of Brothers' sister series The Pacific in 2010.

  • She's a keen animal rights activist.

Why we love Isabel Lucas

Every five years or so, the producers of Home and Away pluck out a member of their female cast and - using a crude form of dark magic - physically propel her into the 'big time'. Their most recent selection, Isabel Lucas, can be seen being all robotic in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, a film that was a little bit like staring at a blender while being shouted at for two hours. She plays a Decepticon 'Pretender', capable of assuming human form. And she does it very well, seamlessly getting from hot college girl, to psychopathic alien robot in the blink of an eye.

Isabel Lucas also appeared in HBO’s big budget sort of sequel but not to Band of Brothers, The Pacific. Which was excellent, but harrowing, because of the war and death and realism and death.

Isabel Lucas also starred in Daybreakers, an underrated vampire film. She also stars in Immortals, which is an entirely accurate film about the period in history where Greek gods and Titans threw glowing spears at each other, in slow motion. It’s actually quite a trip, you should check it out. Also, Isabel Lucas wears a toga and rocks it really hard.

Isabel Lucas contributes to numerous charities including Women Against Violence, Save the Wales Again. She is also one of Australia’s sexiest vegetarians, officially.

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