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Iva Jerkovic — Sexy housewife

Iva Jerkovic
"If it is my man, I would even forgive him having a beer belly."
Full name: Iva Jerkovic
DOB: June 27, 1981
Place of birth: Zagreb, Croatia
Occupation: Model

Iva Jerkovic facts

  • Iva appeared on the first Croatian Celebrity Big Brother, in 2008.

  • We could only find her European measurements...they are: 88-64-95. Feel free to translate.

  • She prefers eating grilled mince-meat fingers to trout. Like, who doesn't?

  • She claims she doesn't know a single dirty joke. What. Eva.

Why we love Iva Jerkovic


Well Iva, what have you been doing lately?
Little of this, a little of that, as always. I'm interested in everything, I want to know, see and try everything. I have a lot of plans that are yet to come to life. I have a few big jobs coming up, but I won't tell you anything yet so I don't jinx it.

You've changed since we last saw you.
I have never been this happy; right now I'm in the best phase of my life. Everything has come to place, I'm surrounded with wonderful people, and I have a job I love; only the editor of the FHM is bothering me with a boring interview (laughter).

What is the dumbest thing you've ever done?
Every now and then I do something stupid.

Have you ever answered the phone to hear someone breathe heavily?
I never got treated with breathing, only by some friend's dog but I got a few text messages from strangers. I never pay much attention to stuff like that and people like that never get my answer.

Have you ever received a sleazy letter from a “fan”? What did it say?
There were no sleazy letters, but I used to get birthday cards, songs and even videotapes of every Bingo show I've ever hosted from complete strangers.

How long does it take you to get ready for the night out on the town?
It depends on the occasion. Getting ready can last from 5 minutes to 3 hours. For you I just got up from my bed and came to your redaction.

And you look like you just came from a cover of a magazine! Speaking about beds, what does one of the most beautiful Croatian woman look like when she gets out of bed?
Well, see for yourself. You see me without make-up, and half an hour ago I was still in bed.

You used to work on Italian network RAI. Did elderly TV hosts try to hit on you?
What do you think? It's probably one of the conditions in the job application.

This year you are one of the hostesses on “Dora”. Is the contest fixed? Admit it, who did you bet on…
To be perfectly honest I don't even know yet who's competing. I'll have to learn though because I'm the hostess, but the next time you put me on the FHM cover “Dora” will be long gone so I'll be able to give you a better answer. And if I get rich by then…

What do you find more attractive: cooking stew or having sex on the kitchen table?
I love stews.

What do you think about men with beer bellies?
If it is my man, I would even forgive him having a beer belly.

What part of man's body do you find most exciting?
Let me repeat myself – If it is my man I'm not picky.

What do you sleep in?
I'll have to disappoint you – pyjamas.

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