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Jade Thirlwall — "Cutie Mix"

Jade Thirlwall
"We're not too far out of people's reach – girls can dress like us, and look like us."
Full name: Jade Thirlwall
DOB: 1992 (we reckon)
Occupation: Singer

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2012 #49

Jade Thirlwall facts

  • Jade is a performer with girl band Little Mix, winners of The X Factor in 2011. She entered the contest twice before – in 2008 and 2010 – but failed to make it onto the proper contest bit.

  • Her semi-official band nickname is "Cutie Mix".

  • Her audition song was I Wanna Hold Your Hand by the Beatles, which is a good choice, we think. Although we always preferred Strawberry Fields.

Why we love Jade Thirlwall

Do you watch The X Factor? We'll be honest – we don't. We can't summon up the sheer amount of care needed to sit through hours of the half-decent wheat being threshed from the chaff of Britain's masses, and instead prefer to catch the acts that win when they have a stab at a proper career after the show finishes.

Jade is part of one of those lucky acts – Little Mix, they're called, formerly known as Rhythmix – even though she was turned away as a solo performer in the 2011 show, she was approached afterwards and asked if she wanted to return as part of a group. Well, she did, and they managed to win, making them the first group ever to survive the entire contest without getting kicked out. Good work there, Little Mix.

Jade was a top performer at school, earning no fewer than 15 GSCEs and being crowned Head Girl back in the day. But this swot-like ability meant that she was picked on by her classmates, who'd “throw things at her head”, which is entirely unfair. Still, she's done all right for herself, no? Maybe we should have listened harder in school, too. We could have made something of ourselves.

She's bessie mates with Joe McElderry, 2009's X-Factor winner, and the pair of them used to duet together. No romance there, though, as she and the other girls have been sworn off boys so they can concentrate on their touring and recording schedule. Sorry about that, everyone.

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