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Jaime Winstone — Daddy’s Girl

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Jaime Winstone
"Sex is very important indeed. That's what our bodies are made for."
Full name: Jaime Margaret Winstone
DOB: May 6, 1985
Place of birth: Camden, London, England
Occupation: Actress

Jaime Winstone facts

  • Jaime is the daughter of Ray Winstone, so it’s best not to piss her off.

  • She has starred in films including Kidulthood, Donkey Punch and Bullet Boy.

  • She's now working on another 'hood' film, aptly called Anuvahood.

  • Her older sister Lois is also an actress, and a member of hip-hop trio Crack Village. Jaime has supplied them with backing vocals, but apparently couldn’t persuade them to get a decent name.

Why we love Jaime Winstone

Ray Winstone strikes us as the protective type, and certainly not as a gent who would be happy with his daughter filming a hardcore sex scene in a film called Donkey Punch (if you don’t know what the title means, we suggest a visit to Urban Dictionary). But Jaime Winstone insists her old man is fine with her chosen career: “He has played paedophiles, wife beaters, murderers, the lot - he knows you've got to think outside the box.”

Jaime used to spend much of her free time out on the town with drinking buddy Agyness Deyn or best friend Lily Allen, but has calmed down her pap-pleasing antics, insisting her body is a temple. A very hot temple, we might add.

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