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Jameela Jamil — Sweet, Sweet Jam

Jameela Jamil
""It's really hard to sit opposite someone like Jennifer Aniston and say human words in a normal conversation when inside you're thinking, ‘OH MY GOD!’""
Full name: Jameela Jamil
DOB: 25 February 1986
Place of birth: Hampstead Heath, London, UK
Occupation: Model and TV presenter

Jameela Jamil facts

  • Jameela Jamil is famous for presenting T4 and generally being fashionably hip all over the place.

  • Jameela's nickname is, apparently, "Jam Jam." Kind of like "Jar Jar" but infinitely less irritating.

  • Jameela taught English to foreign students - including both a monk and a nun, we're assured - on Oxford Street in London.

Why we love Jameela Jamil

If you drink alcohol, you're already fully aware of who Jameela Jamil is. Not that she hangs out in a lot of bars, you understand. But if you've ever drunk to excess on a Friday or Saturday night, you'll have spent the following morning slumped on the sofa nursing a cup of tea and watching Jameela and friends cavort about on T4. Sure, you had to put up some some pretty shoddy TV, and sometimes all you wanted to do was watch The Simpsons, so you spent three hours with T4’s never-ending Hollyoaks omnibus burbling away in the background, but it provided a valuable service in offering kinda-edgy entertainment to hungover youths across the land.

Sadly, T4 is now kaput (let’s all pour a little beer out for it) – but Jameela abides as presenter of The Official Chart on Radio 1. Of course, we can’t actually see her on the radio, but we can listen to her dulcet tones as we gaze longingly at Google Image pics of her.

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