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Jamie Chung — Korean Knockout

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Jamie Chung
"I'm pretty confident in my stunt work but if I really had to get into a fight...I think I could hold my own."
Full name: Jamie Jilynn Chung
DOB: April 10, 1983
Place of birth: San Francisco, California, USA
Occupation: Actress

Jamie Chung facts

  • Her films include the Bangkok-based The Hangover: Part II.

  • She's previously had appearances on CSI: NY and Greek.

  • She's also the voice of Takara on strategy game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising.

Why we love Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung is an opportunist. We can just tell. You see, she landed a spot on the long-running MTV reality series The Real World: San Diego (which was the fourteenth series in The Real World shows that have run since 1992), and made the most of the opportunity. That’s what an opportunist does, you see. According to the dictionary they do it “often with no regard for principles or consequences”, but we’re not going to judge Jamie like that. We’re nice. Sometimes.

Anywho, a bunch of The Real World spin-offs followed, before this second-generation Korean-American made the move in to acting. She had a few small roles in the likes of Veronica Mars and ER, along with a recurring role on Days of our Lives. But the better stuff is her work in films. She had a cameo in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry as a Hooters girl alongside Tila Tequila. Yeah. She then landed a main part in Dragonball Evolution and appeared as a very hot daughter in Grown Ups.

But the role we love Jamie Chung for most, is Amber in Sucker Punch,Chung stars alongside a bunch of other hot girls like Emily Browning and Vanessa Hudgens, all trying to fight their way out of dreams in what is described as “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns”. Tell us that doesn’t interest you. She replaced Emma Stone in the film, and you can debate who is better looking as violently as Geoff Hurst’s second World Cup final goal. (It was over the line).

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