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Jenna Randall — Goggle Girl

Jenna Randall
"Some pools can feel quite thick and others quite thin. I don't know how, but you do get a different feel."
Full name: Jenna Randall
DOB: 20 September 1988
Place of birth: Ascot, Berkshire, England
Occupation: Synchronised Swimmer

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2012 #90

Jenna Randall facts

  • Jenna is a synchronised swimmer, and has three Silver medals on her mantelpiece that she's won at the last two Commonwealth Games.

  • In an interview with The Guardian, she recommended eating crumpets for breakfast as they're not actually all that bad for you, although you should steer clear of butter apparently.

  • Jenna trains for ten hours a day, six days a week. That's bloody LOADS.

Why we love Jenna Randall

Unlike most women, Jenna Randall is a world-class Synchronised Swimmer. First competing in the 2006 Commonwealth Games at the age of 17, where she took silver in the women's solo event, she entered again in 2010 and won a medal in the women's duet too. Basically, she's really bloody good at swimming in awkward directions. She's probably not as good at swimming as, say, a penguin - those little guys are outstanding - but as far as humans go, she's great.

Solo swimming, by the way, is basically synchronised swimming but on your own. We thought that'd be easy, surely – we're always in perfect synchronisation with ourselves – but it turns out it's actually the equivalent of a gymnastics floor show but underwater. And that stuff looks difficult enough without being all wet. Hats off to her.

Jenna had two nicknames, growing up - Wedge, and The Tantrum. The Tantrum is pretty self-explanatory - she had a big tantrum once, and the name stuck, but Wedge isn't a reference to her love for supporting characters in the original Star Wars trilogy. It's actually a nod to the way that her swimsuit would ride up in practice. So, you know, that's nice and everything.

Much to everyone's delight, Jenna appeared in a range of sexy pants that some might call over-elaborate for a calendar to promote the the GB 2012 Olympic games. If you're interested in seeing Jenna, and her Team GB friends, in elaborate pants - and then for those images to be displayed on your wall for a few months, and to give some money to charity - then you can purchase said calendar here.

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