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Jerri Byrne — In lust

Jerri Byrne
"Humour and a bit of charm will get most women in bed."
Full name: Jerri Byrne
DOB: June 4, 1983
Place of birth: England
Occupation: Glamour model

Jerri Byrne facts

  • Gained moderate levels of notoriety on Sky’s Temptation Island.

  • She did a photoshoot with David Bailey and described him as “very eccentric”.

  • She loves to dress as a cowgirl.

  • She has plenty of experience as a podium dancer in clubs, despite training in jazz and ballroom dance.

Why we love Jerri Byrne

Jerri Byrne enjoys dressing up. Not in a "let's go to the rollerdisco" way or in a "it's Halloween – can I go as a pumpkin?" way. No. Jerri likes dressing up purely to drive men thoroughly insane with lust. She's got a cowgirl outfit (of course) as well as a slightly more risqué dog collar and lead number. Jerri's also more than happy to admit that her best feature is her breasts. So now you know.

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