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Jessica-Jane Clement — Real Hustler

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Jessica-Jane Clement
"Yeah, my character was a cheerleader in the first series! It wasn’t that we stole the costumes it just happened that we wore them home, and forgot to bring them back in."
Full name: Jessica-Jane Clement
DOB: February 24, 1985
Place of birth: Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Occupation: Television presenter, Actress, Model

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2009 #46

Jessica-Jane Clement facts

  • At age 18 she appeared in Playboy magazine.

  • She played Cindi Marshall in Dream Team.

  • Her first film appearance in Doghouse sees her as the lead actor's girlfriend.

  • She's even made her way on to Casualty, but hopefully that's as mundane as her career will get...

Why we love Jessica-Jane Clement

While Sheffield native Jessica-Jane Clement featured in crap Sky TV Series Dream Team between 2005 and 2007, she really made her name as the female bait in BBC’s The Real Hustle. Her addition was a no brainer, particularly after ‘experts’ advised that men tend to completely lose all common sense in the face of super hot model types.

So be warned, readers - if a perky sort with a voice like Les Dawson invites you to a yacht and tries to get you to invest in a Serbian factory, or "look after this bag of used fifties for ten minutes", it's probably a set-up, okay?

Before her television appearances, at the tender age of 18, Jessica-Jane Clement also had an eye watering naked photo shoot with Playboy Magazine – so there are some topless photos of her out there after all.

She’s also featured in a number of music videos for chart hits, notably the particularly spectacular I See Girls by Studio B. If you pause the video on 1:39, you get a brief glimpse of Jessica-Jane, alongside quite a clan of other beauties.

In April 2010 she became the new face and body of Lynx Rise, and at the end of our FHMTV Jessica Jane Clement photo shoot video she announced, “My plans for 2010 are lots more sexy photo shoots, some more Real Hustle and… who knows?”

Who knew that she'd be on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, though? Jessica formed part of the elite team of celebrities who shacked up in the jungle alongside tiny Geordie TV mascots Ant and Dec. Unfortunately (or, you know, fortunately) she was booted off in November - but she looked happy to be leaving. Can't say we relish the thought of another mouthful of kangaroo penis either, if we're honest.

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