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Jessica Knappett — Leggy Lady

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Jessica Knappett
"Christians can say what they like about the devil but he’s fitter than Jesus."
Full name: Jessica Knappett
Place of birth: Manchester
Occupation: Actress

Jessica Knappett facts

  • Jessica Knappett stars in The Inbetweeners Movie as Neil's probable holiday romance Lisa.

  • She starred in BB3's How Not To Live Your Life as Harriet, a kinky posh girl.

  • She was in a stand-up comedy sextet called 'Lady Garden'.

Why we love Jessica Knappett

Jessica Knappett is a comedy writer and actress. Sure, ‘comedy writer’ is a pretty loose description, lord knows some misguided fool could depict an FHM staffer as a ‘comedy writer’ - but if you searched for our name’s on Google, you’ll probably get suggestions of ‘indecent exposure’ and ‘restraining order’ instead…

Soon you’ll come to think of her as Lisa, Neil’s lanky lady friend in The Inbetweeners Movie. However, whilst you’re scouring the web for her clips of her in a bikini, you’ll probably draw up Meet The Parents too - the cringeworthy hidden camera comedy from E4, where girlfriends duped their unsuspecting boyfriends into meeting a mad (and fake) extended family. Jessica competently took on the roles of a hilarious Russian cleaner, fame hungry porn star and a gothic benefit fraud.

Jessica’s also starred in BBC3’s How Not To Live Your Life - which her Inbetweeners Movie co-star Laura Haddock also appeared in. However, the main thing you’ll probably remember from that is her donning a rather tight corset.

Whilst studying Drama and English at Manchester University, Jessica became involved with the demurely named "Lady Garden" a sextet of girls who all formed at the university and went on to perform at the Edinburgh festival. The troupe appeared on Dick and Dom’s Funny Business – yes those twerps you used to watch on CBBC. Lately Jess has been working on her sitcom pilot Drifters, with Inbetweeners' writers Ian Morris and Damon Beesley, so we have very high expectations for her comedy pedigree.

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