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Jessica Linley — Miss England Extraordinaire

Jessica Linley
"Get between me and 20 chicken nuggets and you're a dead man."
Full name: Jessica Linley
DOB: March 28, 1989
Place of birth: Norwich, United Kingdom
Occupation: Miss England

Jessica Linley facts

  • She is a massive Rod Stewart fan

  • Jess' Dad makes wildlife documentaries so she's a bit of an animal nut collecting tortoises snakes and frogs

  • She's a cheerleader at the University of Nottingham

  • She eats like a horse, but she's never finished an Indian

Why we love Jessica Linley

Following in the footsteps of former Miss England winner Danielle Lloyd, 2011 winner Jessica Linley is 5"11 of hot blonde beauty queen.

The sexiest thing to come out of Norwich since Delia, Jessica isn't all plastic tiaras and world peace, she's actually a bit of a brain box. She's currently studying Law at Nottingham Uni (the good one) and plans to be a hotshot solicitor when she graduates. She may look athletic but she, in her own words, is "completely crap at all sports, but I always dub myself the next national champion."

Jess has had a spot of bother recently with her love life. She said "blokes were always intimidated by my height, but now I'm Miss England guys think they don't have a chance. It does make me wonder what's wrong with me". Nothing Jess, absolutely nothing.

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