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Jessica Vaugn — 'Merican Model

Jessica Vaugn
"I had a threesome in my friends hot tub and his neighbours called him the next day and told him! We were so embarrassed!"
Full name: Jessica Vaugn
DOB: December 18, 1987
Place of birth: Wichita, Kansas, USA
Occupation: Glamour model

Jessica Vaugn facts

  • Jessica is a model who has featured regularly in Playboy, and now writes a column for them.

  • She doesn't know the ethnicity that makes her so hot, but says she would like to find out.

  • She names getting drunk easily as a useless skill, but says it makes her "cheap to entertain".

  • She calls her assetts her "pumpkins", and lost her virginity to a married man at 18.

Why we love Jessica Vaugn

No we haven’t spelt her name wrong – she gets REALLY annoyed if you spell it with an H. And we don’t want to really annoy Jessica, because she’s nice and “an ideal woman because I am all brains but still have the body men want.” Quite. She started out her life in the Midwestern US, where she used to ride horses competitively. She said she went to the stables every day and was obsessed, but fortunately she soon started to remove herself from the horses a little bit, and remove her clothes too.

She got herself a degree from Friends University in Kansas, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and says she uses it every day. FHM had a module on its degree that included designing a statue; talking about placement, materials and all the rest of it. The degree: Sports Journalism. Weird, eh? We don’t use that every day, funnily enough. Anyway, after her useful degree, Jessica paid $80 to do a little modelling shoot, stuck the pictures on Myspace and was immediately inundated with requests to model from around the States. Losing money in her hometown job, she quit and headed for Los Angeles to continue her modelling career, because that’s where hot people go.

Don’t let that fool you though, Jessica is a lot more than a pretty face. In fact, she makes the pretty faces look pretty too – she’s a hair and makeup artist for print and TV, so you get a hot model making another hot model look even hotter. And when she’s not doing that she’s working on her journalism skills as a Playboy columnist, with the aim of fulfilling her dream of becoming an interviewer and columnist for a large men’s magazine. Like FHM, not a magazine about fat guys.

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