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Jessica Wright — TOWIE Songstress

Jessica Wright
"I want fans to see me more as someone who is a laugh rather than as someone who is serious."
Full name: Jessica Wright
DOB: 1985
Place of birth: Essex, UK
Occupation: Musician

Jessica Wright facts

  • Jessica is one of the ensemble cast of ITV's The Only Way is Essex, and she's an aspiring singer.

  • Jessica's not just a pretty face – she possesses a degree in Business and Marketing, too.

  • Her tumultuous relationship with Joey Essex caused controversy, until he unceremoniously dumped her and moved on.

Why we love Jessica Wright

Jessica Wright is a singer, of sorts – she was in a short-lived girl band called LOLA, who performed their one song Claustrophobia with a measure of enthusiasm, if not actual skill, back in 2010. But that's not terribly important. If you want to witness their legacy, scant footage is available on YouTube. What is important is that Jessica is part of the ever-increasing ensemble in ITV's The Only Way Is Essex, which is why we're writing about her now. She's on telly, you know.

Having been present in the show since the very first series, Jessica left the constraints of LOLA behind in 2011 after they failed to do anything much and began work on a solo career. Hailed as the “ambitious Queen Bee of the Wright Family” by the finest source of TOWIE knowledge online, The Only Way Is Essex Wiki, she “rates” getting her hair and nails done in the salon (who doesn't?) and her Nanny Pat's cooking (yum), and “slates” her brother Mark. Apparently Mark is not a very reliable person, and doesn't turn up to various meetings that he should turn up to. Boo to mark. Poor timekeeping is a BAD THING.

Aside from pursuing a musical career, she spends much of the show - much like everyone else involved, it seems – getting off with people, not getting off with people or wanting to get off with people but then facing rejection, and then dealing with the ramifications of said events through a series of staged vignettes.

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