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Jordan Carver — Buxom Phenomenon

Jordan Carver
"I was in London a couple of weeks ago and I must say: British men are boob-crazy! It was very amusing."
Full name: Jordan Carver
DOB: January 30, 1986
Place of birth: Munich, Germany
Occupation: Glamour model

Jordan Carver facts

  • Jordan is an incredibly successful German glamour model and internet sensation, famous for her pin-up style.

  • If you're a fan of Jordan, it's possible to buy the outfits she wears in the photoshoots on her site though Ebay. You might have to be a really massive fan though.

  • She wasn't always as confident as she is now - when she was a teenager, she "felt quite ugly and different". Safe to say she's grown out of that now.

Why we love Jordan Carver

Like Volkswagen, bratwurst and annoyingly efficient football, Jordan Carver hails from Germany. Born in Munich (but descended from Italian stock), Jordan only became the professional glamour model you see before you fairly recently. For a while before her career kicked off, she trained as a hotel manager but quit and became a beautician in the fashion industry – and, luckily for us, she figured out how successful she could become simply by standing on the other side of the camera when it was taking pictures.

After a first shoot in a pin-up style (one that Jordan's definitely suited to, we're sure you'll agree) she set up her own website in 2010 with few photos and not many expectations of success, but she did well. She did really well. She's won loads of fans online (at last count, she has around 60,000 fans on Facebook) and appeared on the front cover of ZOO no fewer than five times (and she was the first German to make it there, too).

Jordan's official website states that she is “specialised in glamour, lingerie & swimsuit modelling, but no worry, she is also a big action-sport fan, so she can offer everything else where others surrender!” While it doesn't say exactly which distinct actions or which sports she's a fan of, it's certainly an encouraging message – and the prospect of offering everything else “when others surrender” would make her the perfect addition to our scrappy unit of Dirty Dozen-style underdogs. We're in dire need of a top-notch recon operative.

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