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Josie Maran — Swimsuit model

Josie Maran
"I don’t believe in marriage at all – it’s just not necessary in this day and age."
Full name: Johanna Selhorst Maran
DOB: May 8, 1978
Place of birth: Menlo Park, California, USA
Occupation: Model, Actress

Josie Maran facts

  • Josie is a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

  • Was MVP in her school basketball team – despite being just 5ft 7 and “too short for runway”.

  • Had small acting roles in both Van Helsing and The Aviator.

  • She was once going out with David Blaine. That must have been a hoot while he sat in a box over the Thames...

Why we love Josie Maran

You pronounce it like “barren”, should you bump into the sexy brunette in a lift. You might also want to avoid asking her to tango – the feisty Californian is a former Dancing With The Stars contestant and the first in her series to be kicked off. Famous mostly for an endless parade of magazine covers, the model is more fun than most and admits to having a crush on both Johnny Depp and Gwen Stefani. “I want to merge them into one person,” she says, somewhat weirdly.

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