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Julianne Hough — Triple Threat

Julianne Hough
"If I could do everything in the world, I would."
Full name: Julianne Alexandra Hough
DOB: July 20, 1988
Place of birth: Sandy, Utah, USA
Occupation: Actress, Dancer, Musician

Julianne Hough facts

  • Julianne's main profession is dancing, but she also does a bit of acting and singing too, if you ask her nicely.

  • Although her breakthrough role was the 2011 remake of Footloose, she also appears in the first Harry Potter film, uncredited, as a Hogwart's pupil.

  • Her debut single, That Song In My Head, has got more than six million views on YouTube.

Why we love Julianne Hough

If Julianne Hough hadn't become a dancer, it would have been pretty weird. Her older brother is a dancer, her parents met on a ballroom dance floor, and no fewer than all four of her grandparents were professional dancers. If you could have dancing in your blood like some sort of foot-tappin' hereditary disease, Julianne would have it in spades.

So starting her training at the age of three wasn't a big deal, you understand, given that her entire family presumably spent all get-togethers taking part in lavish musical numbers. Julianne took part in talent contests all over America and the UK – she even lived over here for five years – and was in a short-lived (and, in retrospect, unfortunately-named) band called 2B1G, or Two Boys One Girl.

Julianne's not massively famous over on the grey shores of Britain yet – she's mostly known in the US of A where she's appared on Dancing With The Stars (their equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing, complete with a name that makes sense) and she's danced with radio hosts, speed skaters, actors, racing drivers and, on one occasion, her older brother. She's even won the contest once, and as America seems to put a bit more emphasis on the professional dancers than we do, that's kind of a big deal.

But now she's focusing on her other loves – acting (you might have seen in her in the recent remake of Footloose) and Country Pop Music. After success with her first self-titled album in 2008, she's returning with Wildfire. If you like either old-fashioned pop or country music, you can't really go wrong with Julianne; there's something both sweet and charming about her, like finding a puppy who compliments you on your new haircut. And if you don't like pop or country music... well, sorry.

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