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Juno Temple — Worthy of Worship

Juno Temple
""The only things that were a pain in the ass [while filming ] were the constant camel-toes from those booty-hugging shorts.""
Full name: Juno Violet Temple
DOB: July 21, 1989
Place of birth: London, England
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #63

Juno Temple facts

  • You my recognise Juno from The Three Musketeers, Killer Joe, The Dark Knight Rises or Lovelace.

  • She's been through English boarding school, so she's possibly hard as nails, or psychologically scarred, or both.

  • Her parents have taken her to Glastonbury every year since she was born.

Why we love Juno Temple

Fast-rising through the ranks to A-lister status, feisty redhead Juno has already made a name for herself with medium-sized roles in such saucy/dark movies as Dirty Girl (in which she played the titular “dirty girl”), both of the St Trinian's films (in which she played Celia, the trustafarian) and creepy cowboy comedy Killer Joe (in which appeared alongside shirtless man-lump Matthew McConaughey).

She then took things up a notch playing Catwoman’s sexy ‘friend’ Jen in The Dark Knight Rises, before starring opposite the equally lovely Amanda Seyfried in porn biopic Lovelace. In fact, she’s been in more than 20 major films before even reaching her mid-20s – spurred on, no doubt, by the fact that her old man is Julien Temple, big-time music-video, documentary and movie director.

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