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Kacey Barnfield — Neil's sister

Kacey Barnfield
"I notice good manners and pretty eyes. A guy scores extra points if he can make me laugh, too. That’s very important"
Full name: Kacey Louisa Barnfield
DOB: January 14, 1988
Place of birth: Enfield, London, England
Occupation: Actress

Kacey Barnfield facts

  • Kacey made her TV debut aged nine alongside Lenny Henry. Even at that age she was probably still funnier than him.

  • Her second cousin is Queen's Nose actress Victoria Shalet.

  • She used to date England's Ashes hero Stuart Broad.

Why we love Kacey Barnfield

Kacey first came to our attention on The Inbetweeners, which was quite a nice surprise at the time. There we were, recoiling in horror at how much Jay and co’s embarrassing situations reminded us of our time in Sixth Form, when she appeared. Like an angel dressed in a purple negligee, we knew we’d seen a new entry to our “seriously hot women we pretty much love list” (we have one, in case you didn’t know).

She’s gone on to appear in Resident Evil: Afterlife (the 43rd sequel in the franchise, we think) and in horror flick Lake Placid 3. Quite brilliantly, she decided to go topless in the latter – and that glorious scene single-handedly drags an otherwise dreadful film into the “absolute must-see classic” category. Well done, Kacey.

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