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Karen — Miss Playboy

"I prefer the biggest weapons. The bigger they are, the more powerful and dangerous they are."
Full name: Karen Manzano
Place of birth: Mexico City, Mexico
Occupation: Model, Television presenter

Karen facts

  • Men find Karen intimidating, which she says makes her “very sad”.

  • She's a presenter on Playboy TV, a position she's very proud of.

  • She competed for the title of Miss Playboy TV in 2007.

  • She also likes to call herself a DJ. And we're not going to stop her, even though we've never heard her on the decks.

Why we love Karen


How does it feel to be a bandit who has taken everybody´s hearts?
It´s amazing. I feel like a real bandit and I love it.

Did you like the pictures?
Sure. I couldn´t see all af them, but the ones that I saw are excellent. The phothographer is quite good, and I guess the model too.

All women from the Old West are as attractive as you are?
Well, not that much, but some of them are cute.

What was your first robbery?
I think, at this precise moment…

Wait! That´s not my wallet! Talking about guys… What kind of man do you think would be good for you?
Undoubtedly, handsome, wearing a hat, with a huge gun and nice pectorals.

You´ve told us, you won Miss Playboy TV Mexico and you are preparing to get the international title, right?
Yes. I´m focused on that. That would be excellent for my profession and for my country.

Will you use your Old West wiles at the contest?
Of course. I´ll take the gun in the pictures with me, just to keep the other competitors away…

In case you win, what plans do you have?
Besides being so happy, I will celebrate for weeks. There´s a generous amount of money and a great international publicity campaign. I would be the image of Playboy TV for a year too.

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