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Kat Dennings — One Broke Girl

Kat Dennings
""Well, the other night I met Eddie Izzard and it was the highlight of my universe. I think I held it together. I’m just a big old nerd when it comes to Eddie Izzard.""
Full name: Katherine Litwack
DOB: June 13, 1986
Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Occupation: Actress

Kat Dennings facts

  • Kat Dennings is an American actress, most famous for Thor and potty-mouthed sitcom Two Broke Girls.

  • She was a prolific blogger, and maintained an online journal for years, before being famous started to get in the way.

  • She's a collector of old books, and has said that she's a huge fan of comics. Cool.

Why we love Kat Dennings

Despite her parents' opinion that a career in acting was the “worst idea ever”, things aren't going too badly for curvy’n’hilarious Kat Dennings. Her first acting job was in Sex and the City, of all things, but she didn't hit the international stage until her breakout role in 2011's Thor, a film about a bloke with a massive hammer. Dennings completists can also find her popping up in The 40-year-old Virgin and teen romance-a-thon Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist, alongside the entirely non-threatening Michael Cera.

She's no party animal – she doesn't drink or smoke, and doesn't like being around people who do. Which pretty much rules us out in the romance stakes, although the fact that her boyfriend is the horribly handsome Nick Zanno (who co-stars with Kat in the hugely successful 2 Broke Girls) miiight be a factor too.

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