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Kate Mara — Steely Giant

Kate Mara
"As soon as I got to Scotland and looked around I thought: 'My people.' It's hard to find gingers in New York or Los Angeles."
Full name: Kate Mara
DOB: February 27, 1983
Place of birth: Bedford, New York, USA
Occupation: Actress

Kate Mara facts

  • Kate has appeared in Brokeback Mountain, Iron Man 2 and Entourage.

  • She's a huge Steelers and Giants fan. Not glory hunting - her family own both teams.

  • Her younger sister Rooney Mara is an also an actress, appearing in The Social Network.

  • She has a lesbian scene with Sophia Bush in Nip/Tuck. Come back to us after, yeah?

Why we love Kate Mara

If you look at Kate Mara and think “she would be great with an Irish accent”, then that’s because she’s Irish-American. Well, Italian-Irish-American. Her family name was actually O’Mara originally. The fact that her dad is a scout for the New York Giants doesn’t dig far enough in to the wealth her family had though…her great grandfather was actually the founder of the Giants, and another great grandfather was the founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers. There’s got to be a lot of inheritance lying around for her somewhere, surely.

American Football is something that Kate is pretty big on too; she tries to make sure that she spends the football season living in New York, and could definitely make you feel completely inadequate as she complained about the Steelers defensive vulnerability against a flag play. Yeah, we had to look one up. In fact, she’s so big on it that having missed the Steelers win the 2006 Super Bowl due to work commitments she had it written in to her contract that she could attend the Super Bowl if either the Steelers or Giants make it. Commitment.

Still, it’s would mean missing a day of filming for some pretty big stuff. Having made plenty of television appearances in the States, she really burst on to the scene on this side of the pond with a role in Brokeback Mountain, and kept herself in our minds with appearances in 24 and Entourage before coming back to the fore in the latest Danny Boyle masterpiece 127 Hours.

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