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Katherine Heigl — Knocked-Up Knock-Out

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Katherine Heigl
"When we were doing Under Siege 2, Steven Seagal auditioned women for the part of the girl who lies on the beach, topless. There was a line of women around his trailer who’d just go in and show him their tits."
Full name: Katherine Marie Heigl
DOB: November 24, 1978
Place of birth: Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2009 #82 | 2008 #45

Katherine Heigl facts

  • Katherine’s breakthrough role was in ‘OMFG the UFOs are coming’ TV series Roswell, in which she played the character Isabel Evans.

  • She's half-Irish and half-German. Turns out it's a good mix.

  • Sadly for everyone, she's married to country singer Josh Kelly. Well, sadly for everyone except Josh Kelly.

Why we love Katherine Heigl

We never watched weepy US drama Grey’s Anatomy, as it looked like it was basically gonna be ER but without all the cool bits where a doctor gets a face full of intestines because a patient who’s accidentally swallowed a bomb has just exploded. However, it’s possible that we made a mistake by avoiding the all-conquering televisual mega-hit, because for six seasons and 109 episodes it starred none other than Katherine Heigl, a woman so fist-bitingly fit that we’d happily sit through several hours of sobbing conversations and tedious romancings just for a glimpse of her pixel-perfect loveliness.

Since she became a bona fide international A-lister thanks to Knocked Up, Heigl is now available in movie-sized – rather than TV-sized – portions, although, with her love of cheesy rom-com roles, she does seem fairly determined to keep us from ever watching her in anything ever again. Little does she know, however, that we’re more than prepared to endure the likes of 27 Dresses and The Big Wedding, if that’s what it takes...

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