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Katie Holmes — Cruise controls

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Katie Holmes
"This is my future. This is my family and I care so much about them. The stories are not okay. It eats away at me because it’s just not okay."
Full name: Kate Noelle Holmes
DOB: December 18, 1978
Place of birth: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Occupation: Actress, Mrs Tom Cruise

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2008 #84 | 2006 #79 | 2005 #25 | 2004 #20 | 2003 #23 | 2002 #18 | 2001 #42

Katie Holmes facts

  • Tom’s Kat is best known as Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek and for her original Rachel Dawes in Batmin Begins.

  • Her first topless scene was in The Gift. Her character is murdered by her fiancee immediately after she gets them out.

  • Katie gave birth to Suri in April 2006. The baby girl was kept out the public eye until October’s Vanity Fair photo-shoot. It caused stories questioning the child’s existence. Harsh.

Why we love Katie Holmes

We like to think that Katie did a little victory dance after beating her mate Victoria Beckham in the 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2008 chart. Maybe a dance similar to the one Tom Cruise does as the credits roll in Tropic Thunder.

The Scientologist-turned-MILF married her Top Gun pilot on 18 November 2006 at Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy. As befitting a Scientology wedding, the ceremony was attended by a host of Hollywood stars and a select few aliens of high importance.

In November the following year, Katie ran and successfully completed the New York Marathon in under five and a half hours. Some people will do anything to get away from their weird spouses for a bit.

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