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Katya Virshilas — Foxtrot Fox

Katya Virshilas
"The most embarrassing thing to happen is underwear going up my bum, or something slipping on my dress. You have to watch out for anything popping out."
Full name: Katya Virshilas
DOB: September 10, 1983
Place of birth: Lithuania
Occupation: Dancer

Katya Virshilas facts

  • Katya is one of the professional dance partners on Strictly Come Dancing.

  • Born in Lithuania, raised in Israel, she calls herself Canadian.

  • As well as films she's also appeared on television shows such as Smallville and Supernatural.

  • She's broken partners' noses, saying "Accidents happen, especially with dances like the tango which is so feisty."

Why we love Katya Virshilas

What’s great about Strictly Come Dancing? Contestants such as Kara Tointon, Louisa Lytton, Rachel Stevens and Kelly Brook in threadbare dresses bounding around on our telly screens. Yeah that’s pretty great. Tess Daly when she’s not with child is pretty good too. And you can add to that list the now regular appearances of Katya Virshilas, trying to teach Phil Tufnell and Gavin Henson (so far) how to dance. The teaching them bit is important, because the more they learn the longer they stay in and we can watch Katya.

She’s always wanted to be a dancer has old Katya. She started putting on dance shows for her parents in their front room when she was just three. OK, so maybe not always, but you’ll let us off the first few years when she was mastering walking, talking and the like. After being raised in Lithuania and then in Israel, she moved to Vancouver when she was a teenager and things took off for her there. She went on to show off her dance skills in Hollywood, appearing in Shall We Dance?, Take the Lead and John Tucker Must Die.

BBC bosses clearly can’t get enough of her either, making her one of the choreographers on the less-celebrity reality show So You Think You Can Dance. We don’t think we can dance, and we don’t want to. Unless it’s with her. Or Kara/Louisa/Rachel/Kelly etc. At least she gives us some sound advice: “If you want to impress a girl, keep it simple. I think the best dance move is to take a woman in your arms, add a nice dip, a Hollywood dip and a turn. Just show you’re trying.” Noted.

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