Here are five things that have got worse since 2008:

1. The economy

2. Your hairline

3. Diving in the Premier League

4. The weather

5. The Greek economy

Here are five things that have got better since 2008:

1. Keeley Hazell's smile

2. Keeley Hazell's bum

3. Keeley Hazell's eyes

4. Keeley Hazell's boobs

5. Keeley Hazell's legs

You see, unlike the economy, time has been kind to FHM's ultimate pin-up Miss Hazell since her last UK cover shoot back in 2008. Not only is she ever lovelier than she's ever been, she's also – if it's somehow possible – even fitter.

Don't believe us? Perhaps the below will convince you otherwise. Still not convinved? Buy this month's issue to get your mitts on 12 glorious pages of the beautiful, beautiful Keeley Hazell.

That's all.