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Ke$ha — Tik-Tok Hottie

"I just want to be fucking perfect."
Full name: Kesha Rose Sebert
DOB: March 1, 1987
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation: Singer-songwriter

Ke$ha facts

  • Ke$ha is a singer-songwriter most famous for such fiendishly catchy let’s-get-pissed pop tunes as Tik Tok and Die Young.

  • Her first demo CD contained two songs, one of which was later described by her producer as "gobsmackingly awful trip-hop track" on which she performed a minute-long improvised rap after running out of lyrics. Still – it got her noticed.

  • Ke$ha didn't fit in at school, thanks in part to her purple hair and matching homemade trousers.

Why we love Ke$ha

The first we heard of Ke$ha was back in 2009, when she provided guest vocals on Flo Rida’s global mega-hit Right Round. She shied away of appearing in the video, however, so it wasn’t until her first solo hit Tik Tok hit the charts in 2010 that we learned that Ke$ha was not only a talented singer who knew her way around a deadly-catchy melody, she was also hotter than a bag full of molten lava.

She’s enjoyed numerous mega-sized hits since, many of them revolving around Ke$ha’s favourite lyrical theme, namely going out and getting royally wankered (it’s nice when you discover that you have something in common with a celebrity, isn’t it?). There’s more to Ke$ha than non-stop bar-hopping, however: she’s also written hits for the likes of Britney Spears, and her MTV reality show Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life shows her to be a total pro with her fair share of personal dramas. Who knew, eh? We thought she was all about doin’ shots, pinchin’ bumcheeks and dying her hair mad colours...

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