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Kelly Brook — Modelling royalty

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Kelly Brook
"I've done lots of underwear shoots with other girl models, but there was never any contact - unfortunately!"
Full name: Kelly Ann Parsons
DOB: 23 November 1979
Place of birth: Rochester, Kent, England
Occupation: Model and actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #5 | 2012 #20 | 2011 #8 | 2010 #07 | 2008 #34 | 2007 #16 | 2006 #05 | 2005 #01| 2004 #14 | 2003 #13 | 2002 #05 | 2001 #04 | 2000 #05 |1999 #03 | 1998 #29

Kelly Brook facts

  • Kelly topped FHM's 100 Sexiest poll in 2005.

  • She’s been linked to British hardman Jason Statham, American pretty-boy Billy "Titanic" Zane, and Welsh rugby stomper Danny Cipriani.

  • She was far and away the best thing about Piranha 3D.

Why we love Kelly Brook

The phrase “English rose” is bandied around far too easily sometimes – but in the case of Kelly Brook, it really does fit. And if you disagree with us, we will fight you. Seriously, we’ll clonk you over the head with an office chair.

Kelly's darted from presenting (The Big Breakfast, MTV, Celebrity Love Island), to movie acting (School For Seduction, Three, Piranha 3D), telly acting (Smallville, Marple) and theatre acting (Calendar Girls, Eye Contact, Fat Pig) like some talented angel sent from hottie heaven. And, along the way, she’s also found time to pose for countless magazines – including FHM (hi, Kelly!) – and always to great effect.

And as Uncle Ben once said to Peter Parker, “With talent, charisma and a smokin’-hot body comes great responsibility.” God help us all should Kelly ever choose to use her powers for evil...

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