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Kelly Karloff — Queen of Facebook

Kelly Karloff
""I'm not answering silly questions. I want to talk about sex""
Full name: Kelly Karloff
DOB: November 25, 1988
Place of birth: Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA
Occupation: Model, Online Poser

Kelly Karloff facts

  • The 1988 born model is from Boston in America so she has a sexy accent.

  • One of her jobs was a nurse maid shots girl while at college.

  • She's a Capricorn which means she is ‘capable of persisting for as long as is necessary to accomplish a goal [she has] set for [herself]’. Potentially a great asset.

Why we love Kelly Karloff

Facebook fired Kelly Karloff into the limelight with MySpace giving a helping mouse click here and there, as her hot photos were the source of many a face-stalker's time. Some say she was the inventor of the 'MySpace pose'. Everyone agrees she is a possible challenger for the Megan Fox sexy goddess throne.

Since then she's gone on to be the presenter of The Kelly Show on Karmaloop TV after modeling for them online.

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