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Kelly Rowland — Booty-licious

Kelly Rowland
"I’m a flirt. If you slide me your number, I’ll probably just look at it"
Full name:Kelendria Trene ‘Kelly’ Rowland
D.O.B: February 11, 1981
Place of birth: Atlanta, USA
Occupation: one-third of Destiny’s Child, solo artist and judge on X Factor

Kelly Rowland facts

  • She has been singing with best mate Beyonce since she was nine years old – and even appeared in the video for Beyonce’s song Party.

  • She had a semi-important part in 2003 flick Freddy VS Jason. She got killed, obviously.

  • Won a Grammy for Dilemma, her duet with Nelly.

  • She has sold 82 million records worldwide. Blimey.

Why we love Kelly Rowland

Okay, time for a confession. For a long time, we overlooked Kelly Rowland because band mate Beyonce kind of hogged the spotlight.

But they’ve disbanded now, and even though they’ve all had pretty good careers, Kelly Rowland is well and truly center stage. Beyonce is off being pregnant and Michelle is, er, making a film somewhere? Yea, something like that. Or gospel singing? Was that it? Possibly. We’re sure she’s having a great time though.

But Kelly Rowland is being the sexy, feisty alternative to last year’s mummsy Danni Minogue on this year’s X Factor. Forget Cheryl Cole’s Quality Street-inspired dresses, each week Kelly looks amazing and isn’t afraid to preach to Louis Walsh about how much of a prat he’s being. American’s would call her fierce, we might call her outspoken, and Nan would call her ‘spunky’ not knowing that the word has changed meaning over time. Oh nanna.

Kelly Rowland’s definitely earned her right to judge, criticise and shatter the dreams of X Factor hopefuls – Kelly has been making music since she was nine years old. She released five albums with Destiny’s Child and three solo efforts, as well as lending her pipes to French disc-spinner David Guetta.

So shift over, Chezza, and watch your back Tulisa, because Kelly Rowland ain’t afraid to throw it down *does sassy finger-clicking thing*.


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