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Kerry McGregor — Howzat!

Kerry McGregor
"I wasn't aware I'd caused such a stir"
Full name: Kerry McGregor
DOB: September 26, 1981
Place of birth: Cape Town, South Africa
Occupation: Model

Kerry McGregor facts

  • Kerry started modelling when she was 14, going on to appear in Marie Claire, GQ, Sports Illustrated and… FHM.

  • This isn't the same girl as the one in a wheelchair from series three of X Factor. Just though we'd clear that up.

  • She's been a Wonderbra model. Which says it all really.

  • She's married to South African cricketer Neil McKenzie.

Why we love Kerry McGregor

As even the most hardened ale-guzzling cricket lover will admit, watching 15 men yawning in a field can get a little dull. Arse-numbing tedium is easily avoided however if a 27-year-old Wonderbra model is nearby, whooping and cheering her husband to rocket one into the crowd.

And, yes, there's the rub: Kerry's spoken for. What's more, six months before one FHM photoshoot, she'd just given birth to a baby boy – but that didn't stop the seven-time FHM South Africa cover star from posing for us in her underwear one more time. Which is just as well, as her pitch-side appearances caused such an uproar our email servers nearly melted: "I wasn't aware I'd caused such a stir" she lied.

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