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Kirby Ann Basken — Half time

Kirby Ann Basken
"69ers and doggystyle are vastly overrated in my opinion"
Full name: Kirby Ann Tan Basken
DOB: August 12, 1985
Place of birth: Lorenskog, Akershus, Norway
Occupation: Model

Kirby Ann Basken facts

  • Kirby has been both Miss Norway and Miss Philippines, in her time. She’s half Philippino, but lives in Norway. So was allowed to enter both.

  • She is apparently not named after the computer game character.

  • She represented the Philippines in the Miss Intercontinental competition in October 2006, and Norway in Miss Universe 2007.

  • She obviously enjoyed the Miss Norway competition, going on to be the competition website's editor.

Why we love Kirby Ann Basken


Miss Norway AND Miss Philippines, both at the same time? What's up, Kirby?
Because I'm half philippino, I was allowed to enter Miss Philippines last year, and then I ended up winning it! That still didn't stop me from entering Miss Norway, which also gave a good outcome. Which left me with two titles to my name!

That's right, you came in third in the finals for Miss Norway last year. That didn't hold you back from entering this year, though?
The first time I entered was just for fun. I didn't expect diddly. And still came out as number three! And the winner that year became a close friend. She encouraged me to try again, and with that extra little bit of experience, I figured I had very little to lose. Which was true!

Two misses as best friends. What more can we say? Chuckle. Which title are you most proud of?
The Norwegian one, of course. I'm born and raised in Oslo, with a philippino mother. I just gave back the Phillipino crown now, by the way, which leaves me with just one title at the moment.

Abdicated ... Well, no international title for you this year, in spite of everything. Doesn't that just piss you off?
You don't get pissed. I did what I could. I think some of the other girls took the loss more seriously than me. Life goes on...

Does appearing in FHM offer some consolation?
That goes without saying. FHM is a great mag, and I guess all publicity is good publicity, isn't that what they say?

Uh, sure. Just ask Jordan about that. But speaking of competitors; that chick who took home the Miss Universe title? What was she like? Like , what was she REALLY like? She won't be reading this, so do speak up!
Oh, Miss Japan. She was intense! She was the type of girl who had prepared herself for this her whole life. Apart from that she didn't really give much of herself. To be totally honest she seemed pretty stuck up!

"Beat that bitch with a bat," like the song says ... Anyway: Miss Universe in Mexico, a whole shitload of girls getting together in one spot- med jenter er samlet på et brett. Don't try to tell us this isn't the annual catfight of the century?
I was pretty scared when I left for Mexico, I'll admit that. It worked out surprisingly good, though. In many ways it was just like a college movie, you know, where the girls are divided into the popular ones, the geeky ones and the crazy ones. I was in the latter category.

We don't doubt you for a second. So did you manage to squeeze in any Tequila-races or Tex-Mex binges during your month in merry old Me-hi-co?
Not at all. We had super-strict rules. No alcohol, no cigarettes, during the entire stay.Not much drunken debauchery under that regime.

Damn it, we thought you said you were in the "crazy gang"?
That doesn't help much when you're under surveillance, with cameras and security guards around you 24/7. So you never got that uncontrollable urge to say something like "Mexican food stinks like a donkey's ass" live on TV? Haha. the thought occured to me. Especially when the crowd applauded for Miss USA falling flat on on her face during the finales. Young miss Kirby was boiling at that point. Fortunately I managed to keep my mouth shut.

So what does Miss Norway do when she gets home from the finales? Does she wander restlessly down main street with a crown and a scepter, or what?
I will be doing various Miss Norway-related stuff for a little while. And from there it's really up to me what I wish to do with the title.

Enough miss-mash; Rumour has it that have a boyfriend? WTF?! WHY?
That's actually completely false! I'm as single as they come!!

As they say in Norway: A-ha??
Yup! A local rag wrote that I had a boyfriend, which is a complete fabrication. They never even bothered to talk to me about their bullshit story, which made me even more pissed.

Oh my. So let's conclude: local rag = total jerks. Kirby Ann = totally single. We can live with that! So tell us, what kind of guys does Miss Norway go for?
Oooh, tough question. At least I know what kind of guys I DON'T go for. Stingy, beerguzzling footballidiots is not really my thing.

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