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Kob — Blue Thai thinking

"Being sexy often makes trouble for me. Men come up to me, just because I’m sexy."
Full name: Sunisa Jongsawadi
Place of birth: Thailand
Featured in: FHM Thailand
Occupation: High Street Honey

Kob facts

  • Kob was 2005’s FHM Thailand’s High Street Honey winner.

  • Would much rather be in an action or sexy film, than a romantic film, because romantic films are “boring”.

  • She’s into extreme sports like shooting and horse racing. Apparently they're extreme.

  • She's a fan of football, getting snapped in German, English, and Brazilian bikinis ahead of the 2006 World Cup.

Why we love Kob


You won HSH 2005 with an overwhelming percentage of the vote. What do you want to say to the voter?
Thank you so much! And today I’m shooting for FHM, so thank you so much for all this too.

How did find the shoot?
So sexy. But also difficult and tiring shoot because of all the cool water. I was wet all through the shoot, but then I’d feel hot when I went back to the outfit room.

What have you done before?
I graduated from Ratchapat Thonburi University. After that, I worked as presenter and then a model.

Were you surprised that you won HSH?
It’s brilliant because all the contestants are so beautiful. I would’ve been happy to get into the top ten.

What makes people like you?
I think my picture, firstly. And because I was very self-confident when I stood on the stage.

Who persuaded you to attend this contest?
My friends.

Has anything changed since winning the award?
The first few days I got loads of telephone calls and was a well-known person.

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