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Konnie Huq — Kid’s TV Starlet

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Konnie Huq
"I’d love to be a sex symbol. If you’ve got it, you have to use it."
Full name: Kanak Asha Huq
DOB: July 17, 1975
Place of birth: Hammersmith, London, England
Occupation: Television presenter

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2009 #34

Konnie Huq facts

  • Konnie is the longest-serving Blue Peter presenter of all time, having served just over ten years on the kid’s TV show before quitting in 2008.

  • She has a beauty spot at the top of her bum, and her party trick is making her eyelids disappear. Which sounds like a rubbish party trick.

  • Konnie was lucky enough to carry the Olympic torch through London in 2008, and hit headlines when a protestor tried to snatch it from her.

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Why we love Konnie Huq

After spending over a decade showing children how to build crap from useful household objects, Konnie Huq finally called time on Blue Peter in 2008. “As a Blue Peter presenter, you’re a role model for children, which can be very restricting,” she reasoned, before revealing her mature extra-curricular activities: “People would be surprised to know I have whips and chains in the wardrobe, and there’s a dungeon in my basement. I’m not joking.” Blimey.

Konnie recently revealed she turned down a six-figure sum to pose in the buff for Playboy, and is reticent to follow the example of fellow kid’s TV alumnus Gail Porter with an FHM photoshoot, citing her big boobs as a problem. Trust us, Konnie, it’s not an issue.

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