Before she was spinning around in those little pants, before she couldn’t get you out of her head, even before she was wearing her teeny, weeny, yellow polka dot bikini we loved Kylie. When she was appearing opposite Jason she was cute and that hasn’t changed, years later she is still amazing. Still has a look that is unsurpassable. She disappears, then she reappears, shining brightly like a little Antipodean star. All cute and like a little button.


Here at a charity gala in New York she easily looks years younger than her actual 41. Sure some ‘haters’ will cry botox. But who are they to say eh? Who are they? Well some are health advocates who claim botox is dangerous. But that’s really not the point here. Kylie is fit okay? And luckily, as she gears up to release her new a Aphrodite she will happily take centre stage and teach all these young strumpets we’re so fond of how it’s done. How you transcend pop royalty and climb to musical equivalent of Mount Olympus to your seat among the gods and goddesses. Like Bon Jovi, and…Mark Morrison?