Particularly successful media personality and actress La La (real name Alani Vazquez) is doing quite well in the US, and now she has got the Hollywood Walk Of Fame handprint to prove it. This is showing off equivalent of using nukes.

She was seen having her place in history cemented at Planet Hollywood in Times Square, which is as good a sign as any that you are completely winning at showbiz.

La La is a Nuyorcan (that’s a Puerto Rican/New York hybrid if you are wondering) who worked her way up from a radio programming assistant all the way to MTV host and regular.

Aside from getting her hands dirty she was also promoting the premiere of her new VH1 reality show La La's Full Court Life. As far as we can tell it’s basically a camera crew following her around, capturing her magical celebrity life and conversations she’s had with 50 Cent, Serena Williams and so on. 

La La with engraving
Though the colour came out a bit wrong, La La was happy with the texture and shape of her 'mortar nailed into wood' cake.

Apart from being big on TV, La La has done quite well in cinema, making her debut in 2001 film Two Can Play That Game.  She’s also worked as a radio DJ; she started out when still at high school, cohosting a show called Future Flavas, with notable rapper Ludacris.

So, now that she’s got the showbiz accolades maybe she’ll get into baking cakes with her handprints on them. It is a logical step. She could even start a reality show based around celebrity deformed cakes (the best cakes). Would it work on MTV? With ubersuccessful La La pushing it, it could never fail.  So it’s time someone starts a petition already.