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Lacey Turner — Soap Siren

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Lacey Turner
"I bloody hope I’m nothing like Stacey, but I can be a bit naughty sometimes."
Full name: Lacey Amelia Turner
DOB: March 28, 1988
Place of birth: Hendon, London, England
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2010 #96 | 2007 #100

Lacey Turner facts

  • Lacey dropped out of school at 16 to fulfil her childhood dream of being in Eastenders. She plays mouthy troublemaker Stacey Slater.

  • The acclaimed actress has had a boob job, and may have more cosmetic surgery, depending on “how wrinkly she gets” in the future.

  • She was in Haribo advert when she was younger. Kids 'n' grown-ups love it so...

  • Lacey is a huge fan of R'n'B, and particularly likes Dizzee Rascal.

Why we love Lacey Turner

Many fine women have passed through the extraordinarily depressing fictional London Borough of Wolford (Martine McCutcheon, Samantha Janus, er, Dot Cotton), and Lacey Turner is the latest Eastenders regular to inspire fierce hot or not debates up and down the country.

The Hertfordshire lass originally auditioned for the part of Demi Miller, but was cast as a member of the Slater family. "I always dreamt of being on the show and so I can't believe that I've fulfilled my greatest ambition," she said in 2005 as she donned a pink puffa jacket and a gigantic set of hoop earrings on national television.

Lacey has been highly lauded by ladybrain-rotting gossip magazines for her “powerful portrayal” of Stacey, but cites her character’s feistiness as a reason why men find her “intimidating and unapproachable” in real life. So don't be shy now.

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