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Lana Asanin — Blitz

Lana Asanin
"I’ve also done it in a car, on a washing machine, in a cinema, and on the beach."
Full name: Svetlana Asanin
DOB: September 29, 1978
Place of birth: Germany
Occupation: Actress, Model

Lana Asanin facts

  • Starred in Eat Bulaga, a TV show in the Philippines.

  • Lost her virginity, aged 16, on the beach.

  • She's also done it on a football pitch, "but it was at night and there was no light." Pfft.

  • She was born in Germany, but is Yugoslavian, and made her name in Fillipino showbiz.

Why we love Lana Asanin


Why did you decide to close your doors on Philippine showbiz?
Well it’s not like I’ve closed my doors but having worked here for a few years, I think I just have more opportunities abroad. Nowadays, you see so many kids on local TV—it’s not my thing any more. I’d like to do acting and hosting, and acting here is so difficult to do. You have to speak the language properly, and I’m not so good in Filipino.

But you do know how to make us laugh.
Comedy for me comes out naturally because I’m naturally funny. But I’d like to do serious movies. And to be honest money is better there, too, ha ha!

Oh. So what’s the most important life lesson you’ve learned from the buffoons?
I don’t know, maybe the corny jokes? I think that’s about it. Ha ha! Well they also taught me how to speak the language. They also shared dancing tips with me, but I know dancing already from before, ha ha! I’ve really learned TV hosting and comedy from them. Actually they were really helpful in everything. They’d always been there for me.

Were you in Germany during Eat Bulaga’s 25th anniversary celebration? Did you light 25 candles?
I was in town! Too bad I didn’t know they had a party. I’m sure they would’ve invited me but they didn’t know I was here.

Sad. Now let’s proceed to the second half of the interview… How’s the love life?
It’s fine. I have somebody in my life, he’s American and right now he’s here with me.

Does expertise in choosing men come with age?
I’ve always been very choosy. But still I think the older you get the wiser you become. Actually when I look back at all the boyfriends I’ve had, they’re of different kinds. But generally I like men who are tall, muscular, dark-haired, a little dark-skinned, and athletic because I love sports, too. I’m actually into the Spanish-South American-Latino man.

What’s the best thing about being your boyfriend?
I don’t cook but I know how to clean the house, ha ha! Seriously, I’m sweet. I’m always there for the person not only as a girlfriend but also as a good friend. In fact when I’m in love with somebody I really take care of the person. Sometimes I think it’s too much because I think more of that person than I think of myself. It’s not nice all the time because I neglect my work. But I think I’m learning now.

How does he get you in the mood?
He has to be the first one to move and make lambing. I’m usually not the aggressive type, but sometimes I do tend to be aggressive. Normally I like the guy to come to me, being sweet, touching me, and kissing me.

Where do you want to be touched?
Where or how? Ha ha! Everywhere!

But given that a man only has two hands, where do you want him to start?
It usually starts with kissing. That’s my favourite. But it depends on who you kiss. If I kiss somebody who doesn’t know how to kiss, I don’t want to go any further. But if you know how to kiss, then I’m interested. You’re probably good in bed!

And from there things will lead further to…
You touch me everywhere. From the breasts down, ha ha! It’s nice when you caress my body slowly. But it also depends on the moment. There are days when I like the sweet touch to feel like we’re making love. But then again I’d like that rough type, too. I like to rip the clothes off! Ha ha!

You’re probably the type who gets bored in the bedroom.
I’m very adventurous. I do it in the bedroom but I’m more of the type who’d like to do it somewhere else. I like the challenge—like you almost get caught but you’re not getting caught. That’s me.

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