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Lara Goodison — Shipwrecked

Lara Goodison
"We spent most of the time filthy, tired, hungry, wet, sandy and smelly. I would do it again in a heart beat!"
Full name: Lara Goodison
DOB: 1989
Place of birth: Oxshott, Surrey, England
Occupation: Actress

Lara Goodison facts

  • Her luxury item on the island was face paint. She actually wanted to look like a shark, the poor girl.

  • Wants to stay young forever. Has she never seen Highlander, the fool?

  • Applied to be on Shipwrecked to be "challenged physically." The gym isn't enough for some people.

  • Moved in to acting as Marla McKinnon in BBC's The Cut, with her only previous role being an appearance in Doctor Who.

Why we love Lara Goodison

There's something about Shipwrecked. Year on year, it attracts only the prettiest attention seeking wastrels around... and puts them in bikinis. Forgoing the less-than-reputable Big Brother, the more discerning hottie heads for sunnier shores - and, occasionally, into FHM.

Here's the best of 2007's bunch, Lara Goodison, lounging about in lingerie. Her Channel 4 profile describes her as "a girl-next-door type, sweet natured and easygoing." This proved to be a lie, as she eventually earned the nickname "Ice Queen" whilst on the show.

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