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Laura Thomas — French knickers

Laura Thomas
"When I'm in front of the camera, I tend to be less shy than in real life. I have no problems with artistic nude."
Full name: Laura Thomas
Discovered by: FHM France
Occupation: Model
Appeared in FHM: January 2009

Laura Thomas facts

  • Laura cries when she listens to Schubert’s Ave Maria.

  • The key to the seduction of Laura is a good breakfast.

  • She did gymnastics for nine years, and can lift her leg above her head. Handy for elaborate, you know, sport.

  • She prefers Sebastian Chabal to Freddie Michalak. Google them if you want to know how she likes her men.

Why we love Laura Thomas

2008’s French Miss FHM has a degree in Fitness (arf) and wants to be a sports teacher. Not just a pretty face, she’s studying Science and Technique in Sports and Physical activities at Besançon University to get herself there. Previously a gymnast for nine years, she grew too tall to do it professionally, so has decided to help others. And get her kit off. Which is kind of the same thing.

Also an ex-boxer, we advise you not too mess with Laura. Even when she’s showing her soft side. Like her ‘just woken up’ look for her first shoot as Miss FHM. Or when she’s listening to Schubert’s Ave Maria on her iPod, which “is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes.” Blimey.

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