Thanks to being tortured in Vietnam, John McCain can’t raise his arms above his head. Can you?
Of course, and my leg – I did gymnastics for nine years, but I ended up a bit tall for the discipline, so now I keep fit by doing a lot of dancing. But I’m not talking about a night out in Paris, with a glass of whisky in one hand. I’m talking about real dancing, the kind that requires flexibility, strength, stamina…

Are you a gamer?
Yes, but I don’t like playing alone. I prefer Mario Kart – it’s fun, user-friendly and you can throw a banana skin at the other racers.

How would you cope with life at sea?
I get seasick, and I’m much more interested in surfing than serving, so I guess I’d be a terrible Royal Marine.

Would you let your man wear them?
Honestly, living in Besançon it’s difficult to keep up with the latest trends, but is this serious? I can’t picture my boyfriend in a pair of Ugg boots. Never.

What outfit did you last wear to a fancy dress party?
I don’t remember my last fancy dress party very well. I was Lara Croft. I won the prize for the best outfit and was rewarded with two bottles of champagne, which disappeared quite rapidly.

Are you a spender or a saver?
What a question! I’m a girl – I loooooove shopping!

Are you a wrestling fan?
I like fighting. I used to practise boxing all the time, but I had to stop – bruises are not exactly camera-friendly.

Do you like hard forwards or prissy backs?
I prefer Sébastien “the Caveman” Chabal to Frederik Michalak, but for me, Mr Foxy is Jonny Wilkinson. I don’t have his picture hanging on my bedroom wall, though.

What’s your go-to meal?
Cancoillotte – it’s melted French cheese spread on bread and it’s absolutely great for breakfast. I can make it plain, or flavoured with garlic, shallots or even Arbois wine.

When was your last big head-smasher?
Just after shooting with FHM France in Tunisia. I drank way too much gin and tonic and the morning after was horrible. I kept on getting hot flushes and feeling queasy. I still don’t know how I managed not to throw up on the plane.

What gets you upset?
I hate waking up. And, on that note, I’m going to bed. Sweet dreams.

Original interview by Josh Woodfin in the January 2009 issue of FHM UK magazine