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Laura Whitmore — We Picked Her

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Laura Whitmore
"I don’t like men who try too hard. If a guy looks in the mirror more than I do it’s a bad sign. I like scruffy, but not smelly."
Full name: Laura Whitmore
DOB: May 4, 1985
Place of birth: Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
Occupation: Television presenter

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #29 | 2012 #87

Laura Whitmore facts

  • Laura fended off 3,000 other applicants on Pick Me MTV to win a highly coveted MTV presenter job.

  • The Irish blonde cites Jonathan Ross and Davina McCall as her televisual role models.

  • She didn’t land her MTV News job on looks alone – she has a journalism degree from Dublin City University.

Why we love Laura Whitmore

Following in the fragrant footsteps of Cat Deeley. Emma Griffiths. Kelly Brook and Donna Air, Laura has become one of MTV Europe’s favourite faces, with her exuberant presenting skills on MTV News managing to make even the dreariest of music-biz non-stories (“Justin Bieber has bought some new flip-flops”; “Beyonce has recorded a song with some guy”) seem interesting and chin-scratch-worthy.

And the feisty Irish fittie’s career trajectory is most definitely still pointing upwards – see her recent presenting slots on I’m A Celebrity... and ITV’s coverage of The Brit Awards. But will she ever top that time she graced FHM’s cover, back in September 2011? It’s hard to say. She did look pretty hot...

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